What you will find in these pages they are historical documents of the period, its textual transcriptions and commentaries with appointments and notes to include/understand them better. It reads here the history of the Peronism that is hidden, one refuses or it distorts to maintain a myth that is not.
PLEASE NOTE: That we upload partial transcripts as they are performed. The proposed work is indeed very large and demand a long culminate it. You are therefore advised to return every so often to read the news.
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Introduction: The reason for this book

Reason for this book

This is not a history book, but will write it. Not yet time to tell and judge sine ira et studio the period beginning on 4 June 1943, and particularly on the same date in 1946 and closed in September 1955 with the triumph of the Liberating Revolution.
The formulation of the historic trial requires stillness of mind and serenity of spirit. We have none who have lived through the events of our country for little more than a decade. Either way we are all actors or witnesses of such facts, and anything that concerns them is alien to us. As the ruler down, history will judge us by our actions and omissions, mistakes and bring our complicity, say of our carelessness and cowardice. And also say that at no time cease our resistance to despotism and never gave up the will to win.
The story is based on the awareness that each generation has past, what is home for him and determines their beliefs and actions. That awareness is done with reason and passion. And more, perhaps, with the first. But when the past is not entirely and confused with this, the passion so beyond reason that this is obscured. Therefore, it is not and can be a history book.
It has been written, however, with watchful mind, with the same spirit as the revolutionary government established the creation of the National Commission of Investigation, and to fulfill this task with its true spirit illuminating. For the first time in our history has made such an enterprise. After the overthrow of the recent dictatorship was necessary to know how and how far it had done its destructive work, identify their purpose, their accomplices, their methods of corruption and propaganda, their big business, rather than remove the traces and evidence. For several months we have worked feverishly to seek the truth of what happened. Unfortunately, there has been only partly achieved. Fugitives fled the dictator and some of his accomplices, many facts have been unclear. The investigated and proven enough, however, to demonstrate the degree of moral and material corruption that occurred.
In many ways we could organize the material in this book. The simplest and fastest implementation was to summarize the reports and reports of commissions of inquiry. This method just had delayed timely news information disseminated. Other was to arrange the material which related to each of the major government departments or their equivalents within the political organization of the dictatorship, although this material came from various committees and its value is not steady. In both cases we performed a task of undoubted effectiveness in providing information, but insufficient to draw the outline of an era for many years the Argentines worry.
Were accurate, therefore, act otherwise. While the dictator held power, and even after being ousted, said in a thousand ways I thought and wanted the country believed him. For infinite advertising media has lied about our past, our problems and their own relationships. To all this should be referred in these pages, linking the facts that research has established that the identified purposes, because nothing was done without reason or plan outlined previously. And no, no, no knowledge of him. "Everything that is done is right or wrong, I'm the one who does," he said at the Colon Theater in Buenos Aires, on 8 November 1949. He added, "If ever we have to hang the President for doing bad things to hang with righteousness, because I am responsible for everything that is done in my government."
There was no purpose in writing this book with scandal or sensationalism. Those who wish to seek such things on your pages will be disappointed.
It is a serious book, written in good faith. It may contain errors, but in all forms has been concerned to avoid them. His information comes largely from the statements made before the investigating committees by actors and witnesses of the events described, and also of the conclusions that they have arrived. Often the texts are transcribed, they are clear and concise, and did not need them otherwise.
For a decade our country has seen how it was possible to cut off, by one their liberties, impoverished and humiliated him. It's been an ordeal for him, but once should have it, not only to know the immense value of property lost, but to be able to recover and resist any future attempt to dictatorial rule.
If these pages serve to enlighten the people about what happened, have reached the purpose of publication.

March of Freedom - Marcha de la Libertad