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Introduction to the Peronist dictatorship: the dictatorship Preparation

Preparation of the dictatorship

In 1943 the Second World War remained undefined. While the rising power of nations at war with the totalitarian states had presumed that they would decide the contest, supporters of Germany relied on the infallibility of their armies dominated Europe, and ultimately the triumph over his enemies, with the consequent implementation of its imperial doctrine.
Nazi agents had acted decisively in our country, not just spying but of propaganda. They infiltrated the governmental media, found conducive environment in the military and obtained the accession of some politicians, intellectuals and clergy.
Some day history will be written in detail of these eve of the dictatorship. For now only refer us to the GOU, secret lodge of army (5) formed for the purpose of "uniting spiritual and material to the chiefs and army officers to understand that in this union are the true cohesion of the tables and that it gives birth unity of action, based around national collective effort. "A lively throughout a single doctrine and the single will," added the relevant plan "is the watchword of the hour, because the defense of the army, against all internal and external enemies, it is not possible if not preceded by the talks personal interest groups of the institution and if all does not feel the same way the holy pride in being your servers.
The promoters of this lodge wanted to avoid at all costs either of two possibilities: that our country was dragged into World War by overriding the United States, or that he broke the communist revolution "popular front type" Having analyzed the situation for them domestic policy, warned that the change of government to have the operation in 1944 could alter the neutral position taken so far, with singular firmness sustained by President Castillo, but said that his successor, Dr. Patron Costas, did not seem inclined to maintain. Given what he considered a threat to Argentina's neutrality, the "Group of United Officers" or "Group Work of Unification" which can mean either name the initials GOU-dispósose to act, determined to instill in the military "one ideal "" a single doctrine "and" greater unity of action ".
In this case it was when it began to circulate in the barracks a proclamation reveals the bizarre ideas embedded in some minds by the Nazi indoctrination. Although it has been published repeatedly, we need to transcribe it here for those who can ignore it yet. It reads:

Comrades: The war has plainly shown that nations can no longer defend themselves. Hence the uncertain game of alliances, which mitigate but do not correct the evils. The era of "nation" is being replaced by the era of "Continent". Yesterday fiefdoms united to form the "Nation" and today the nations unite to form the Continent. That is the purpose of this war.
Germany made a colossal effort to unify the European continent. The largest and best-equipped nation must rule the destiny of the continent of new training. In Europe is Germany. In America, in the North, the nation will for a time instructor United States. But in the South there is no nation strong enough that, without question, admitting his guardianship. There are only two nations that could take: Argentina (6) and Brazil. Our mission is to enable our mentoring indisputable.
The task is immense and full of sacrifices, but there is no nation without sacrificing everything. The titans of our independence sacrificed lives and property. In our time, Germany has given her life a heroic sense. These are our examples.
To perform the first step that will lead to a great and mighty Argentina, we take power. Never a civilian cover the greatness of our ideal, should we then need to remove them from power and government and give them their rightful single mission: work and obedience.
Conquering power, our mission will be strong, stronger than all other countries combined. There will always be armed overcoming difficulties, fighting internal and external circumstances. Hitler's struggle for peace and war will guide us.
"Partnerships will be our first step. We already have to Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile have. With Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile, it will be easy to press in Uruguay. Then the five nations together easily attract Brazil due to its form of government and large groups of Germans. Delivered Brazil, the South American continent will be ours. Our tutorial will be a fact, a great fact, done by the unprecedented political genius and heroism of the Argentine army.
Mirages, utopianism, we say. However, we direct our gaze back to Germany. Expired, it makes signing in 1919 the Treaty of Versailles, which was kept under the yoke ally as second-rate power, at least fifty years. In less than twenty years he toured a fantastic way. Before 1930 was armed as any other nation, and in peacetime was annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia. Later in the war yielded to his will the whole of Europe. But it was not difficult sacrifice. It took an iron dictatorship to impose the people's sacrifices are necessary to the wonderful show
So it will be in Argentina.
Our government is a dictatorship inflexible, although in the beginning will make the concessions necessary to firmly take hold. The people will still draw but, fatally, will have to work, deprived and obey. Work harder, more deprived than any other people. Only then can perform the essential weapons program to conquer the continent.
In the example of Germany, on the radio, the press controlled by the film, by the book, by the Church and through education will include the spirit of encouraging people to undertake the heroic way he will go.
Only then will to give up the comfortable life that now bears.
Our generation is a generation sacrificed for a higher ideal: the homeland of Argentina, who would later shine with unique light for the greater good of the continent and humanity.
Viva la patria! Lift up our hearts! "

Who had written this proclamation that the exigencies of international politics, was declared apocryphal? We do not know, but presumably intervene in his editorial leadership of the GOU.
Meanwhile, independent opinion was not expressed. Accustomed to the vices of "native policy" sensed that the next presidential election would be like the others made before the Saenz Pena Law even after 1930, whose fraud had not stopped the impressive national development.
Surprised, in such circumstances that were mixed to the machinations of some radicals called the War Minister, General Pedro Pablo Ramírez, and that he appeared much more engaged in the military revolt that overthrew the government on June 4. For this fact possible, it was necessary that much had changed in the country. That change had been made in the shade, and those who were more aware of him were some Nazi agents. The most perceptive citizens suspected from the first moment that the movement was anti-democratic trend, although the revolutionary slogan could make people believe otherwise. A few hours sufficed to give the assurance that our country began a period of worrying prospects.
The new government, formed after acrimonious disputes of the revolutionary group on the night of 5 to 6 June. Led the Ministry of War to General Edelmiro J. Farrell, and he took command of the relevant secretariat to his friend Colonel Juan Perón. The first steps were the giver, the following must be aimed at the government was a "dictatorship inflexible," according to the proclamation referred to. The three actors were already on the board: General Ramirez, former chief minister of war and apparently the GOU, the Office of the President, the real leader of the lodge in the secretariat of the military and Ministry, as owner of the latter, which served as a bridge between them.
Too large would these pages if you relate the events of three years between June 4, 1943, and the same date in 1946. During its course is clearly delineated the profile of those who had been prepared and was able to carry out the planned dictatorship. He began by getting "greater unity of action" of the army, by requiring the officers on the presentation of individual withdrawal applications. Of a total of 3,600 combatants official declined to only 300 such request (7). Got it, dictatorship ensued closure on destroying anything that might oppose the regime posed. Of course, the political parties. For her, politics was "bad word" and "bad elements" most of those who had exercised. While parties are not cleaned had no right to intervene in the life and conduct of government, then the president said Ramirez. Shortly after all and broke several of its jailed leaders.
Immediately followed the action against the press, especially the militant and anti-totalitarian democratic trend, a company in which the government had moved ahead of Castillo. And it to monitor, as well as broadcasting, theater, film and other media advertising, created the Secretariat for Information and Press.
Four months after the revolution of June 4, was no longer possible to doubt about what was afoot. Given this evidence, a group of prominent citizens, teachers, journalists and men of other activities, said in a manifesto, ax public on 15 October, the imperative and urgent need to ensure unity, peace and the future of the Argentine through effective democracy and American solidarity. These simple and clear aims, set out in the exercise of an undoubted right, angered the government. The next day accused the signatories of "lack of loyalty to the country" and ordered the dismissal of those serving in public administration. The remaining threatened with "further consequences". Several of the most eminent professors of our universities and colleges had to abandon their posts, which did not return but twelve years later, after the dictatorship fell.
The invasion of continental Europe by the democratic nations and the consequent collapse of totalitarian power, the program did change their circles had been drawn addicts in our country. They stated that they had had, and in the aftermath of the war, declaring war on the Axis. This forced them to temporarily postpone the fulfillment of what they considered their mission to make possible the mainland first.
Meanwhile, became increasingly dominant the influence of Colonel Peron, who had accumulated a few months in the posts of secretary of Labor and Welfare, Minister of War, postwar Council president and vice president of the nation and was delineated as a candidate to the presidency of the country. The repudiation of his policies felt the democratic sectors was expressed in one of the most numerous and enthusiastic public statements in Buenos Aires, which was called "March of the Constitution and freedom" (19 September 1945), which brought together half a million people and paraded between Congress and the Plaza Francia. Faced with such a clear definition of citizenship, armed forces, which in the previous August had attempted an uprising in Córdoba on the orders of generals and Martin Rawson, decidiéronse in October to demand the resignation of Colonel disturbing. They achieved their purpose on 9 October but a few days later, after police gunned the crowd gathered in the Plaza San Martín, in front of the Circulo Militar, reports hastily assembled groups around the capital, came to the square of May and demanded the return of that. After a few hours I speak from a balcony of Government House. Since then Peron was left to the fate of the country. All that remained was to give legal aspect to his future government. The dictatorial framework already in place. Its completion would be sufficient in all its aspects, to reduce the maximum or simply destroy civil liberties, to infuse the fear that spread hatred, to a new tyranny possible. On how you organize and perform the following chapters deal.
5) (note trascriptor) GOU "United Officers Group" or "Group Work of Unification."
(6) (note trascriptor) The author of the Proclamation clearly forget that Argentina during those years was the seventh world power.
(7) Statement by Mr. Abel Peron journalist Valdes, the newspaper El Mercurio of Santiago de Chile (see "The Press" on 12 November 1943)

March of Freedom - Marcha de la Libertad